After School Program Procedures

Public Health Measures for After School Program 2020-21

Please note that government and public health recommendations and directions are expected to change in reaction to changes in the pandemic.  This document will be updated as needed.  Staff are expected to follow the most recent information.

Staff Screening

All ASP staff must do a health screening each day, using the health screening checklist provided by the City of Toronto Public Health department.

Staff who have any symptoms must call RTCC and not come to work.  Staff showing any symptoms on arrival will be sent home and not allowed to enter camp space.

Pre-Program Health Screening

The Child and Youth Program Coordinator will call each parent/guardian before the After School program begins to complete the health screening provided by City of Toronto Public Health.  Camp coordinator will also screen for symptoms related to other, known conditions. Will remind parent to send reusable cloth masks for the child’s use at ASP, in addition to masks sent for school.

  • Remind parents of the City of Toronto bylaw requiring all people to wear masks when inside a public building – therefore children must wear masks when the ASP is inside the RTCC building.
  • Will identify any children who are not able to wear masks because of health conditions and explain the additional responsibility of social distancing.
  • Failure to observe social distancing or mask wearing will result in the child not being allowed to continue in the ASP.
  • Explain that children with new or worsening symptoms must be kept home.
  • Will explain that on-going symptoms with no changes (example – known allergies) are exempt and child can attend the program.

Pick Ups

ASP staff will continue to pick children up from school.

Daily pick up by parents at the end of the day will be outside of the program room.  Parents will not enter the program room.

Symptom posters provided by City of Toronto Public Health will be posted.

ASP staff interacting with parents will wear face shields and masks, may choose to wear gloves, and will have hand sanitizer available.

Social distancing will be observed – tables placed to provide 6 ft/2 metres between staff and families.

Health screening will be done each day for each participant.

Participant Shows Symptoms of Covid-19 while at School

If a child has started to show symptoms while at school and parents have not yet arrived to pick them up, ASP staff will ensure that the school has a plan to have school staff remain with the child until parents arrive.  In the absence of a school plan, ASP staff will bring the child to RTCC, place the child in the isolation room, and call parents to pick up the child.  ASP staff will not leave the child alone at the school without a confirmed plan for school staff to be with the child.

Participant Shows Symptoms of Covid-19 while at ASP

The participant (child or staff) will be moved immediately to the designated isolation room.  A staff will monitor the child through the door.  If tolerated, the participant should wear a mask.  The monitoring ASP staff must wear both a mask and face shield.

A staff will notify the parent/guardian to pick up the child and will notify RTCC management.

  • The parent/guardian will be asked to take the child to a COVID-19 assessment centre to be tested. If a negative result is confirmed the child will be allowed to return to ASP 24 hours after the symptoms have stopped.

Any camp staff or child who was present when a child became ill is identified as a close contact and grouped together until they can be picked up by parents/guardians to self-isolate at home.  The local public health unit will provide any further direction on testing and isolation of these close contacts.

An ASP staff or management staff (as decided at the time) will call Toronto Public Health to report potential case and seek advice about any other steps that should be taken and information to be shared with other parents/guardians.

Toronto Public Health Hotline
8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Telephone: 416-338-7600

Social Distancing

Each ASP group will be assigned to a specific room at RTCC.  Numbers of children and staff in the room will not exceed the maximum capacity, which has been restricted under the pandemic to include extra space to allow for distancing.  If program numbers warrant, an additional room will be assigned to the ASP with restrictions on numbers allowed.

Parents/guardians and general visitors to the centre are not allowed into the room while the program is occurring.  Other RTCC staff and visitors may enter the space only if necessary (for example, for needed maintenance).  RTCC staff are encouraged to speak with ASP staff outside of the camp room.

  • ASP staff must keep a daily record of the names and contact information of any people who enter the camp room and stay for more than 15 minutes, using the template provided (Room Visitor Log).

The room assigned will allow for 4m2/person.

Children will be assigned to tables placed at a distance from each other.

If the program expands to more than one group, the groups will be considered cohorts and not interact with each other or share equipment.

Groups will visit public parks within walking distance.  They will continue social distancing and will not interact with other groups while outside.  Playground equipment is now allowed to be used but must be cleaned first by ASP staff.

Activities have been planned to keep children at the recommended distance of 6 ft/2m from each other and staff.  Ratios have been decreased to allow one staff to focus on leading the activity while the second staff focuses on distancing and other public health measures.

Protective Equipment

Face shields and non-medical masks are provided for all staff.  Face shields are reusable and must be sanitized at the end of every day.  Cloth masks must be washed each day.  Gloves are available, but should not be a substitute for hand washing.

Face shields and masks must be worn when doing pick ups or any other activity in which ASP staff are interacting directly with families.  A City of Toronto bylaw requires masks to be worn when inside public buildings, therefore all staff must wear masks when inside RTCC.

When outside, staff are not required to wear face shields and masks when social distancing is possible.  However, they can choose to do so.

Children are required to wear masks during program time when inside RTCC.  When the program is outside and social distancing is possible, they are not required to wear masks.  However, they are allowed to wear masks at all times, if this is the family’s choice.

Children are required to follow social distancing rules at all times and wear masks when inside the building.

  • Staff will remind children about the importance of social distancing and mask use.
  • If a child continues not to understand social distancing or refuses to follow social distancing rules, staff will inform the Child and Youth Coordinator, who will contact the parent/guardian and ask them to reinforce the importance of social distancing to their child
  • Given the importance of public health, recurrences can result in dismissal of the child from the ASP.

Cloth masks:

  • when taken off inside are put in a paper bag (face up), on a paper towel, or on a table, which is wiped later
  • should be transported inside a zippered plastic bag, not directly in a pocket or backpack
  •  should be washed daily
  • disposable masks are available in both adult and children’s sizes, when needed

Face shields:

  • when taken off inside can be placed on a paper towel or on a table, which is wiped later
  • are cleaned daily using a disinfecting wipe


Enhanced cleaning is required for program rooms and washrooms.  If the room is used by any other group prior to ASP, it must be thoroughly cleaned by maintenance staff prior to ASP.   Each day, maintenance staff will clean the rooms and washrooms, using approved cleaning supplies.  To assist with cleaning, any other groups using the designated ASP room will be scheduled to be finished by 2:00 so Maintenance have a full hour to clean the room.

In addition, during program hours, ASP staff will sanitize tables and chairs used by children, and high touch surfaces, including door handles, light switches, bathroom faucets and toilet handles, and stair railings.  ASP staff will record this cleaning daily on the template provided (Cleaning Log).

  • Disinfectant wipes will be used as long as supplies last
  • Staff will be provided by Maintenance with prepared spray bottles of Safeblend, an approved cleaner.  Staff must wear a glove on the hand holding the cloth used to wipe surfaces, a mask, and face shield.

Equipment cannot be shared between groups.  For individual equipment (such as scissors) each child will have a pair designated for them.  All equipment that can be cleaned will be cleaned by RTCC staff daily, after the program has ended.  Cleaning products that meet public health standards will be provided by Maintenance staff.

All toys and equipment must be of material that can be cleaned and disinfected.  There will be minimal sharing of toys and equipment and they must be cleaned and disinfected daily.  Camp staff will record this cleaning daily on the template provided.

  • Staff will use the industrial dishwasher for any toys and equipment that can be safely washed in it
  • Any items that cannot go in the dishwasher will be washed and sanitizer using the 3 bin method or disinfecting wipes

Supplies such as craft supplies will be given out individually as needed.  Unused supplies must be thrown out or set aside in a sealed container and dated.  They cannot be used again for a minimum of one week.

Hand hygiene will be emphasized and practiced.  Staff must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer regularly.

Children must wash their hands at least twice during each ASP day. They should be taken regularly to washrooms for washing with soap and water.  Toronto Public Health has stated that hand sanitizer is safe for children, so it is an option as well.  Children must clean their hands before eating and before/after handling masks.

Testing and Exclusions

Children or staff awaiting COVID-19 test results are excluded from the ASP.

Those who test negative for COVID-19 are excluded until 24 hours after symptom resolution.

Those who test positive for COVID-19 must be excluded for 14 days after the onset of symptoms AND until clearance has been received from Toronto Public Health.