New Board of Management Members Needed

Looking to make a difference in our community?

Come join the Ralph Thornton Community Centre’s Board of Management! RTCC is a gathering place that welcomes, connects and engages the community in all its diversity. The board is responsible for the overall management, operation and maintenance of the centre.

We especially encourage candidates with interest and/or experience in fundraising, marketing, evaluation, financial stewardship or community engagement. Familiarity with Chinese cultures and language and/or marginalized communities would be an asset.

Six two-year terms are currently available.

The board is friendly, accessible and consensual, and promotes building the capacities of its members and the community.

Are you interested in:

  • Equity, diversity and accessibility?
  • Representing diverse aspects of our community and the larger city?
  • Conscientiously contributing your time & energy?
  • Bringing integrity, dependability, skills and fresh ideas to the board and its committees?

Board members commit to:

  • Becoming an RTCC member (cost $10 or less per year);
  • Serving for up to a two-year term;
  • Participating on committees and working groups in addition to the Board;
  • Spending 10 – 12 hours a month on the Board & two committee meetings plus related activities.

Board and committee meetings are conducted in English.

Prospective candidates will:

Answer a short questionnaire about their interests & contributions;

Be interviewed by the Nominations Sub committee members;

Be invited to attend an RTCC Board meeting as an observer and/or participate in a Board committee to become familiar with our processes.

You are invited to complete a brief questionnaire and e-mail it to the Nominations Committee by Friday, August 14, 2020.

Seeking New Committee Members

The Ralph Thornton Community Centre is a gathering place that welcomes, connects and engages the community in all its diversity.

RTCC is looking for individuals to work with the Board on:

The Fundraising and Marketing Committee — to promote the visibility of the RTCC, and engage funders, community members, and local businesses in supporting the centre’s programming.

The Membership and Outreach Committee — to connect the RTCC to the broader community by promoting RTCC membership, by organizing events of interest to the community, and by promoting volunteer involvement in the centre.

The Organization Planning & Evaluation Committee — to support effective and efficient organizational performance, community responsiveness and long-term success through strategic, annual programme planning, and evaluation.

The Finance Committee — which oversees the centre’s financial statements, budgeting process and financial planning.  It also reviews the comprehensive financial policies of the centre.

Come join a committee if you are interested in:

  • Equity, diversity and accessibility;
  • Representing diverse aspects of our community and the larger city;
  • Conscientiously volunteering your time & energy; and
  • Bringing integrity, skills and a willingness to explore fresh ideas.


  • Becoming an RTCC member (cost $10 or less per year)
  • Spending 4-6 hours a month on committee meetings plus related activities

Committee meetings are held in the evenings.


John Campey, Executive Director, RTCC
416-392-6810 ext 227

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