Heck ya I’m ace!!!!

“Heck ya I’m ace!!!!” by Mika Babineau (2018, 18×24 inch, Acrylic on stretch canvas)

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It was a long battle but I love being me!!! I love being ace!!! It’s who I am, and who I am is great. I cannot imagine myself being any other way than the person I have become. I will continue to be out and proud for as long as I live and will continue to try to give voices to those who have none.

I hope you all enjoyed my paintings and learning about the ace experience. I cannot speak for all aces, but I believe I touched on many things that most aces have experienced feeling in one way or another. Even if you’ve already heard of asexuality before, I hope you learned something new. But yet the conversation can’t end here! Don’t brush this off like it’s over just yet. I want everyone to continue to learn about different sexualities and identities, so that no one has to be confused about who they are, and so that no one grows up thinking something is wrong with them. Continue to improve yourselves and others, and be accepting of everybody. There’s all kinds of people out there. They all deserve love and recognition.