Sheryl A. Keen Exhibition in Saulter Street Stairwell Gallery

The Ralph Thornton Community Centre is pleased to welcome the next art exhibition to the Saulter Street Stairwell Gallery.  Opening on Saturday March 2, and on view until Sunday April 14, Sheryl A. Keen’s Daring to Defy the Status Quo of our Minds will feature 15 original works.

The work in this exhibition is an examination and exploration of self, asking the questions “who am I,” “what is my place in the world”, what is my best self,” and “how do I get to that best self that I see in my mind’s eye.”

Mind Matters 2 by Sheryl A. Keen

Keen’s art is rooted in the belief that art can change the way the world is viewed and the individual’s impression of self.

Sheryl A. Keen primarily works with acrylic mixed media, stacking modeling paste to create a 3D effect.  Her recent exhibitions include solo exhibitions at the Station Gallery, A Different Booklist, and Knowledge bookstore.  Her piece Brainstorm was recently accepted in to the Ontario Legislature’s A La Carte Artist Program for a year’s showing.

The Saulter Street Stairwell Gallery is located in the heritage staircase at the south end of the building.  The gallery is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm, and can be accessed through the second or third floor.  Admission is free.  Works in this exhibition may be purchased by directly contacting the artist.

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