Ward 14 City Council Race comes to the Ralph Thornton Community Centre

By Anthony Savonarota

While it may take a village to raise a child, it will be left to twenty five plus a mayor to look after over 2.8 million children, adults, and seniors in Toronto. With this, there is perhaps not a better time to learn more about your local ward than now.

The new Toronto-Danforth Ward 14, largely made up of the former Wards 29 and 30, along with the southwest corner of Ward 32, has many unique characteristics. Ward 14 has a population of 106,875 people as of 2016. With the average age of the ward resident being about forty, the ward has a younger population than the city as a whole. The median annual household income is $70,920, but about 30% live below the poverty line. Nearly one third of the residents are visible minorities, with the majority of these being of Chinese heritage.

The election in Ward 14 features candidates with varying levels of experience, ethno/socio-economic backgrounds, and a wide spectrum of work experiences vying to represent the area. The ten candidates running are Landrick Bennett, Chris Budo, Dixon Chan, Marisol D’Andrea, Paula Fletcher, Mary Fragedakis, Ryan Lindsay, Lawrence Lychowyd, Chris Marinakis, and Alexander Pena.

It is not just their backgrounds, but the perspectives and priorities of the Ward 14 candidates also vary. The candidates bring a variety of policy prescriptions for concerns such as affordable housing, funding local initiatives, traffic and transit, and providing childcare.

For those residing in Ward 14, the Ralph Thornton Community Centre is offering an opportunity learn more at our All Candidates Meeting on Wednesday October 17, from 7-9 PM. Each of the ten candidates will be there, have their own respective information tables, and take questions during this two hour long series of meet and greets along with Q/As before and after.

If you already have a question you’d like answered, please do not hesitate to email us at info@ralphthornton.org, or call at 416-392-6810. Your question, along with answers, will be posted on our “Democracy Wall” At the event.

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