Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is a term that means building people’s knowledge, understanding, ability and confidence to handle most economic decisions and situations in their lives.

It includes a variety of topics, everything from allowing people to identify what kind of relationship they have with money, to understanding credit and debt, budgeting, banking systems, income and taxes, savings and investing, consumerism and fraud.

We have offered workshops to all age groups and people at various stages in life to help them learn what is most important to them.  We plan to create new workshops, especially for children, youth, and seniors.

RTCC is in the process of developing a resource library so that our community members can have access to quick and easy to understand information about some of these topics. The Resource Library will be available both on paper and electronically.

In addition, RTCC is part of the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP).  This is a program that assists Community Agencies and Groups to operate FREE Tax Clinics, during tax season. For the past 5 years RTCC has offered free tax preparation and filing services to lower income people both in person or virtually. This is an important service to make sure that lower income people are receiving all the financial benefits they are entitled to from both the Provincial and Federal governments and to ensure their housing remains stable and affordable.

For financial tips and information, click the link below!