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As an RTCC member:
  • You get a great feeling by supporting your local neighbourhood and building a sense of community;
  • You get regular news about special events, groups, and programs happening at the Centre and in the surrounding East End neighbourhoods;
  • You are exclusively invited to attend Community Matters workshops and special members’ events;
  • You can share and highlight your many skills and talents by volunteering, becoming a member of a committee, or applying to be on the Board;
  • You can add your voice to matters that impact the community and join other members at the Annual General Meeting to help further shape the direction of RTCC.

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While the suggested membership fee is $20.00 annually, you can pay what you can whether that be $2.00 (minimum fee), $5.00, or $10.00 if you are underemployed, a senior, and/or a student.
Membership in the Centre is valid from the date of payment until the Friday following the next Annual General Meeting.
Payment can be made by:

Completing the form online and provide your payment information here; or by
Completing the printed form and bring it in-person to the 3rd floor Reception. Debit, credit or cash accepted.

Payment Information

Note: Only authorized RTCC personnel will have access to your contact information. Personal Information is collected in accordance with the City of Toronto Act 2006, and the RTCC Privacy Policy, and will not be redistributed or shared in any manner. RTCC operates under the City of Toronto’s privacy policy in accordance with MFIPPA. See mfippa.htm for additional details.