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The Mission & Vision of the Ralph Thornton Community Centre

Our Vision
Leading and supporting a vibrant, diverse, inclusive, liveable, participatory and healthy Riverdale.

Our Mission
Serving all residents of our catchment area, the RTCC shall be where community members gather and work together to celebrate our diversity, foster inclusivity and community well-being, and promote social justice. We will work collaboratively with partners, stakeholders and community members to strengthen our neighbourhoods, support resident engagement and nurture a collective sense of belonging.  We will assist individuals and groups to build their capacity to participate in the community’s social, political, economic and cultural life.

Our Values

  • Inclusion and Respect
  • Social Justice
  • Collaboration
  • Capacity Building

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Cost/Terms: Membership is $10.00 annually.  Underemployed, seniors and students, please pay what you can ($1.00 minimum).  All memberships expire on the Friday following the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Payment can be made by:

  • Mailing or hand delivering a cheque with a completed form to RTCC at the address on this application;  or
  • Providing cash with the completed form to the 3rd floor Reception.


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