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  • RTCC Board of Management Elections – Meet your Candidates
    RTCC Board Candidates – June 2023 At the Annual General Meeting on June 14, RTCC members who are resident in our catchment area will be able to vote for up to eight candidates for the RTCC Board of Management.  The Board recruitment information stated that: We welcome people who represent the
  • John Campey, RTCC Executive Director is Retiring
    John Campey, RTCC Executive Director is Retiring Recently, John Campey officially submitted notice of his retirement, effective January 27, 2024. John has been in the Executive Director role at RTCC for almost a decade now and during that time he brought a renewed energy and creativity – and
  • RTCC is a Safe Space for All
    I’m sure that everyone is aware of the recent controversies regarding the Toronto Public Library allowing space use for a speaker who was identified as promoting hatred and discrimination towards transgendered individuals.  Recently, Parks, Forestry & Recreation denied a room booking for a