When Ralph Thornton Community Centre staff and volunteers talk to residents, we often hear about how difficult it is for seniors, the unemployed or underemployed, and those with disabilities to live on a fixed, low income.

We hear about newcomer children’s school and adaptation problems and about their parents working all the time and making so little money.

We hear about isolation and loneliness, about people barely making it at the margins of our community, about struggles to learn in a complex society, about depression and mental illness.

The Ralph Thornton Community Centre provides a vital space for the public. 

We provide a place for community groups to gather and share, a welcoming space for free access to computers and the internet, programs for newcomer children.  Each year, with the help of volunteers, we also undertake a variety of community development projects that aim at eliminating the root causes of poverty, isolation, and marginalization.

Donations strengthen the Ralph Thornton Community Centre as a community hub, making it possible for us to support and provide a welcoming place for everyone in the community.

When you donate to the Ralph Thornton Community Centre, you are supporting our vibrant RAC Summer Camp and helping newcomer children in the Mentor Program.

You also allow us to continue our programs and special events.

Help us by providing a special gift to our community centre.

Please make a contribution – of whatever you can afford – through the Ralph Thornton Community Organization at CanadaHelps.


The Ralph Thornton Community Organization (RTCO) is a registered charity, which accepts donations on behalf of the Ralph Thornton Community Centre. One-time donations made through CanadaHelps receive charitable tax receipts via email from CanadaHelps immediately after the donation is received. Donations made by cheque, payable to RTCO, receive charitable tax receipts at the end of the year.  

Only donations made through RTCO are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

Thank you!