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What space is available for community or private use at the Ralph Thornton Community Centre?

The Ralph Thornton Community Centre is a resource operated for the benefit of communities within our catchment area. We make rooms and equipment available to the community as part of our mission to be a place where “neighbours meet, enjoy programs, exchange support and celebrate special events”, and in keeping with our vision “to be a cornerstone of the neighbourhood that brings together diverse communities”.

Over 200 community groups make use of the Riverdale Auditorium, Betsy Swift Community Kitchen, Multi-Purpose Room, Community Meeting Room, Foundation Room, and Computer Lab for free, discounted, or very reasonable rates.  Visit Our Spaces page to see what space might be right for your next meeting, workshop, party, or special event.

Ralph Thornton Community Centre is open for community use six days a week, except public holidays.

Space is available for use Monday – Friday 9.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

You can make arrangements to use the space outside these hours. Please ask for details when you apply for space.

Ralph Thornton Community Centre and Covid-19

RTCC is doing everything possible to keep the Ralph Thornton Community Centre community – staff, volunteers, and our diverse service users – as safe and healthy as possible as we continue to experience the Covid-19 pandemic, and as our range of services returns closer to pre-pandemic levels.

A Clean Space

RTCC continues to maintain enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols.  This means:

  • every meeting and program space is thoroughly cleaned between users
  • all high-touch spaces in the building are wiped clean at least four times a day
  • all meeting spaces have strict occupancy limits, which are posted near the entrances.
  • to reduce the risk of airborne transmission, windows remain open throughout the day, regardless of outside temperature, to provide ventilation. Space users may not close or adjust the windows.

A Vaccinated Space

  • All RTCC employees are fully vaccinated, in accordance with City of Toronto policy
  • All RTCC volunteers are fully vaccinated
  • User Groups:
  • Groups with physical activity must ensure that all participants are fully vaccinated.  Groups that intend to engage in ‘higher risk’ activities should refer to the attached chart, indicating higher and lower risk activities and prepare a plan to mitigate their risk.  We reserve the right to ask groups to delay their activities if a reasonable risk-reduction procedure cannot be implemented.

A Masked Space

All persons using RTCC must wear a mask in keeping with Provincial legislation and City of Toronto bylaw.

A Distanced Space

To support 2 metre physical distancing, room capacities remain set at the posted limits.

A Safe Space

To protect our children’s programs, space users and individuals are not permitted on the floors or in the spaces used by the children’s program for at least an hour before they start and for an hour after they finish.  The second floor remains off limits to anyone other than RTCC staff, children’s program participants, and individuals attending a permitted event.

A Welcoming Space

As we gradually and cautiously open again, we strive to maintain RTCC as an open, welcoming community space.  If you have any questions regarding our Covid-19 protocols and practices, please ask!  If you have suggestions for us, please let us know!

Space users are required to ensure that the number of participants does not exceed the posted maximum and to enforce the mask requirement.  Space users are encouraged but not required to take participants’ information for contact tracing purposes.

Group organizers arranging to use space at RTCC are responsible for informing their group members of the precautions for vaccinations, masks, distancing and contact tracing, and ensuring that their members will follow the rules.  Any disputes with RTCC staff over COVID-19 precautions by group members may result in the group no longer being allowed to use space at RTCC. In addition, if disputes result in the event having to be shut down, no refunds will be available.

Ralph Thornton Community Centre 416-392-6810 @RalphThornton

Please use this chart as guidance for having a safe event

Who can apply to use space?

You can apply as an individual or on behalf of a group or business.

You can apply to use space for a one-off event, or for an event (or program, or meeting) that takes place regularly over a period of time.

Space is available on a first come, first served basis.

An application form for renting our space can be found here.

What does it cost?

Ralph Thornton Community Centre reviews our Space Use policies every two years and updates our fee schedule annually.  You can view our room rates here.

Contact us for information about

  • How to apply to use Ralph Thornton Community Centre space
  • Our fees for renting space
  • If you aren’t sure which type of use your event fits into.