RTCC Policies and Procedures

Please follow the links below to view important RTCC policies:

City of Toronto Policy

AOCC Relationship Framework (2006)

City of Toronto Web Page – Community Centre Boards

City of Toronto Corporate Accessibility Policy

City of Toronto Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

Board of Management Policies

Board Member Roles and Responsibilities Overview

Board Member Conduct, Roles & Responsibilities

Political Activity Board of Management Nov 2023

Executive Limitation Policy (New)

Risk Management Policy (New)

Ralph Thornton Community Centre Policies

Code of Conduct

Complaints Policy

Constitution & Procedure By-law

Finance Policy and Procedures

Privacy Policy

Disclosure of Wrongdoing & Reprisal Protection – Revised Nov 23 Submitted Feb 12 2024

Employment of Relatives Policy 2015

Space Booking Policy and Procedures

Ralph Thornton Community Centre Governance Policies

Advocacy Policy

Anti-Harassment Policy

Board Attendance and Participation Policy

Board Committee Structure & Mandate

Board Meeting Policies and Procedures

Committee Member Conduct, Roles & Responsibilities

Consent Agenda Policy

Data Collection Policy & Evaluation Strategy

Donations and Sponsorship

Dropbox Management Policy

ED-Board Conflict Policy

Executive Elections Policy

Membership Administration Policy & Protocol

Nominations Policy & Procedure

Plain Language Policy

Programme Documentation Policy

Programme Payment and Refund Policy

Ralph Thornton Community Centre Operational Procedures

Flexible Work Arrangement Policy