Aqsah Shah


January 11 to February 23, 2020

The Living Room by Aqsah Shah (Mixed media)

My art involves superimposing uncanny images onto ordinary settings, creating a dream-like, surreal outcome.

I like to place emphasis on the female body, pertaining to my own experiences with things like birth and miscarriage, and what they mean to me, and what they might mean to someone else.

I feel like even the smallest of differences between our experiences with life shape the way we perceive certain realities, and as a result, create who we continue to become, which is why I like to pull out random images from my memory and include them in my work.

I’m often moving between splashes of bright and dull colours in order to offer a contrast between the different realities, as well as to highlight the sense of absurdity in my work.

About the Artist

Aqsah Shah is a Visual Artist. Born in Toronto, she acquired her BFA degree from Beaconhouse National University in Lahore, Pakistan, before returning to Toronto where she is currently based to pursue a career in art.

Her work takes inspiration from the impact of dreams on human reality and vice versa. The unification between the dreamscape and real life in her work is shown predominantly through subaquatic symbols and void-like imagery.

Aqsah’s work allows her an imaginative outlook on everyday objects or scenarios and invites viewers to be able to glimpse an inconceivable perspective to something otherwise regular.