Ami Xherro

La Isla De La Fantasia

November 2 to December 15, 2019

La Isla De La Fantasia features 10 postcard-sized pieces created while travelling between the Atacama Desert and Lago Tinquilco, in Chile. This ongoing series recalls the layered origins of a palimpsest, combining analogue photography, painting, text, and collage onto a single surface. Mixing mediums—text and image; paint on photographic print; flora and volcanic seed on a flat surface—reveals the antagonism between memory and lived experience, and resolves it through the harmonious composition of a souvenir of constantly disappearing and reappearing places.

Cordillera de la Sal by Ami Xherro (Mixed Media)

The timing of this exhibit coincides with the ongoing demands of the Chilean people for the right to live fairly, safely and with dignity.

Revolution is not a theme of my work. Revolution is a non-theme, a yawning gap where life seeks out life in the face of tyranny. To want peace is not an exigence; to want shelter, food, love, pleasure, is not extravagance. Only the need to fight for these things is revolting; still we do, and still we will prevail.

About the Artist

Ami Xherro is a multidisciplinary thinker and maker born in Tirana, Albania. She holds a B.A. in Literature and Critical Theory and an MA in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto. Her first chapbook, “The Unfinished Flame”, was published in 2017 by Toronto-based Swimmers Group.

Ami is interested in ancient and manipulated mythologies and collaborative translation practices. She currently lives in Toronto where she experiments with hypnotic induction and creates single-character domestic dramas for film and video.