Clare Allin

Scum City

June 8 to July 21, 2019

Scum City is an eight piece—and growing—series which Clare has been working on for the past year.

The drawings explore the humanization of the animals that coexist with city livers.

Each drawing showcases an animal that lives within the city. Animals suck as raccoons and skunks, are placed in scummy city settings; alleyways with dumpsters and graffiti. The creatures also look scummy themselves. They have been put in clothing and show a more domesticated demeanour.

Clare uses any media that allows the image to work. Some of the drawings even have nail polish on them. However, the majority of the drawings consist of chalk pastel, charcoal and markers. All have detailing done by hand with thread.

About the Artist

Clare Allin lives and works in Toronto, she has been working on this series for over a year and has created eight pieces so far.

Clare started off by submitting to every group show she could find and every once in a while she got into one. Clare did group shows for a long time, and she still does.

This show at the Ralph Thornton Community Centre is her first solo show and the beginning of a new page of her art career.