Ferida Dilmaghani


July 27 to September 8, 2019

Ferida tries to unite space and time using collage techniques.

Farm by Ferida Dilmaghani

She tears old magazine photographs and matches them creating a planned composition. These compositions are sketches for future paintings.

She tries to put together pictures from different times and spaces to create a new modern space.

The new modern space involves past, present, and future of her dreams.

About the Artist

Ferida Dilmaghani was born in Iran, the Middle East in 1975. She works in the style of Abstract Expressionism. Her paintings often depict farmland and nature from a bird’s eye view, expressing her love of the outdoors, particularly farmland and trees.

Ferida holds a Master’s Degree in painting from Azad University, Ferida has teaching experience in universities and colleges for more than eleven years. Her paintings were published in the 7th and 8th National Biennial and 4th and 6th Fajr International Festival’s books.

Ferida’s work has been exhibited in fifteen group exhibitions in Iran and Canada. Her work resides in private collections in Iran and Canada.