Jaehuyn Han


September 14 to October 27, 2019

Coexistence by Jaehyun Han (Mixed Media)

In my work ‘Coexistence’, I explore the effects of the Korean war through the use of overlapping images of the Korean war and photographs of Korea in recent years.

Although South and North Korea have signed the Armistice Agreement, the armistice was not a permanent peace treaty but a ceasefire, and the countries continue to be at war.

Most Korean citizens have experienced the Korean war directly or indirectly through formal education and various media. However, they live while forgetting that they are still at war in order to escape the fear of war and the ongoing effects in their lives.

To create my work, I collected a variety of historical images related to the Korean war and created line drawings of these images directly on transparent fabric. During this process, I used sewing as the drawing method.

About the Artist

Jaehyun Han, a Korean-born visual artist and photographer, lives and works in Toronto.

He had completed the Ontario college diploma in visual and creative arts with honours at Sheridan College in 2018 and studied photographic arts at Kaywon University of Art and Design in Korea.

As a visual artist, he is interested in history, persons and places, and the relationship between them.