Renewal Plan – Questions & Answers

Renewal Plan – Questions & Answers


1.      Where are we in the Renewal Planning Process?

We are almost at the end of our Renewal Planning process!

In September 2013, the RTC Board initiated a process to identify new strategic directions for the Centre to honour its commitment to the community; update knowledge of the changing communities in Riverdale, their expectations and needs, and issues to be addressed; and available services.  Over the last 12 months, the Board undertook environmental scans and gathered information from current partners, members, stakeholders, staff and funders to identify key community trends and how best the RTC could respond where appropriate.

Over the summer, the Board approved in-principle new strategic programming priorities which, as promised at the 2013 AGM, it is now verifying with the community.

The Board will consider refinements to the plan based on feedback from the community consultation and approve the final “Renewal Plan: 2015 – 2017 Strategic Priorities” at its August 2014 meeting.


2.      Why is the Board consulting with the community at this point?

At the 2013 Annual General Meeting, the Board committed to consultation with the community prior to finalizing the Renewal Plan.  It is usual for community organizations to invite community input to a proposed strategic plan before finalizing it.  You are being invited to become familiar with and, as appropriate, verify the Board’s proposed strategic directions and priorities. This will assist the Board to refine and confirm the Renewal Plan.


3.      What does the Renewal Plan mean?

Many things have changed in our community since the last RTC strategic plan was approved.  The RTC is reviewing these changes and all of its programming to ensure that any programming undertaken by RTC is relevant, feasible and affordable.  The Renewal plan will cover programming activities for the next three years (2015 – 2017). In 2017, the RTC will again engage in strategic planning to identify programming priorities for the next five years.


4.      Will the Renewal Plan change the programming offered?

All current RTC programming, as well as the Centre’s funding and staffing capacity, will be reviewed to ensure that programming being offered is compatible with the approved strategic priorities and the available financial and human resources.  Existing programming may change, but at this time, we do not know which programmes may change or how they may change. New programming will also be developed.


5.      Will activities offered by other community groups at RTC be affected?

Although the RTC manages the use of space in its building, it does not manage the content of programmes or activities provided by community groups that use its space.  Thus it cannot say which ones may continue to be offered. However, the Renewal Plan may affect the cost of renting space.  Also, the RTC will give priority for community use to groups whose activities are compatible with the Centre’s values and strategic priorities.


6.      Will community groups still be able to hold various activities at the Centre?

Yes. The RTC will continue to provide public space for community use and manage the use of the RTC facility by various groups and individuals. Residents will continue to be able to rent space at the Centre for various activities and events, such as meetings or celebrations.  Following approval of the Renewal Plan, the Centre proposes to give priority for community use to groups whose activities are compatible with the Centre’s values and strategic priorities.


7.     Is this community consultation my chance to ask for specific programs for the Centre to offer?

This is not an opportunity to ask for specific programmes.  This community consultation is to gather the community’s input on the Board’s proposed strategic directions and priorities that will influence programming decisions for the next three years.


8.      What is the time line for approving the Renewal Plan?

The results of the community consultation will be reported to the Board at its August 20th meeting, at which time the Board will consider a final draft Renewal Plan and approve the final version.  The approved Renewal Plan will be presented to the members at the Annual General Meeting on October 1st, 2014.  Implementation of the approved Renewal Plan is expected to start by January 2015, with full implementation over the three-year period.

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