Proposed Changes to Space Use Bookings

Providing affordable, accessible public space where the community can meet, gather, and participate is one of the cornerstones of the Ralph Thornton Community Centre and the Centre’s strategic plan.

The Ralph Thornton Community Centre remains committed to this mission and to offering a safe and welcoming space where community groups and individuals can meet, organize, exchange ideas, and celebrate.

One of the ways in which the Centre has done this is by offering free space to “Category A” users: local arts and cultural groups and events with no admission; program partners delivering services; tenant users; volunteer run organizations from the catchment area; and the local City Councillor and School Trustees.

Unfortunately, over many years, funding has been frozen, reduced, or has included only small increases that do not meet the rising costs for goods and services.  While the staff and the Board of Management have worked hard to find savings and to maximize every dollar spent by the Centre, it is increasingly difficult to fund our services.

At its recent meeting, the Ralph Thornton Community Centre Board of Management is proposing that all Category A users will pay a flat fee of $10 for every event during regular operating hours.

This fee will allow the Centre to recover some of the costs associated with providing space to the public, such as administration, set up and tear down for events, and cleaning and maintenance of the public spaces.

The Board is considering making the change effective 1 September 2018, regardless of whether the event was already confirmed before the end of August (in other words, there will be no grandparenting).

The Board of Management will consider the feedback from users when it makes its final decision at the May Board meeting.  Please send your comments to before 5 pm on Friday 11 May and they will be included in the package for the Board’s consideration.

We invite your input in this important decision as we try to find a way to fund our operations while remaining open and accessible to all members of the public.

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